When Recapture Matters


Photograph courtesy of The Oklahoman

We recently received an email from a friend telling us about a story they ran across in the Tulsa World News. He mentioned:
“I thought you’d like to see this story. It’s about the tornado this week in Oklahoma. The thesis of Recapture is affirmed by one of the people whose home was destroyed.”

The area of Lone Grove was hit with a twister that destroyed 100 homes. Here is an excerpt:
” ‘Around 9 p.m., with news reports on a battery-powered radio saying the storm had moved out of the area, Hughes climbed out to find her trailer gone. “You couldn’t even tell there was ever a trailer there,” she said.’

She worried the most about family photos. “Everything else can be replaced, but they are gone forever,” she said.’ “

I think that last statement is the strongest statement. This is why we do what we do. There is grief in the aftermath of these disasters and we are there to hopefully give them other way of coping; through the power of photographs. You can read more of the story here: Tulsa World News – Lone Grove Storm

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