Spirit Homes Revisited

Friends, it just occurred to me that we a lot more to share with you from Thailand. So I will try my best to show you as much as I can and as often, instead of little at a time. So sit back and enjoy!

As you might remember from a previous post, I had mentioned the presence of spirit homes that were on almost every piece of private property. These properties were homes, businesses and even government facilities. In a country that is 95% Buddhist, the Thai people still hang on to superstitions and fears of what happens if they do not appease there personal spirit. These houses are placed somewhere on the property so that the Thai’s would give food, and drink offering, even burning incense everyday to the property’s spirit. If you look at them closely, you will see little figurines of people, and animals of varying sizes. There are spirit homes in many different shapes and sizes and colors. These pictures are just a quick example of the various styles colors and offerings that we saw on this trip.

Here is an example of the offering they would leave. It was pretty cool though to see a bottle of Coke out. I also thought it was kind of interesting to see a little ladder right at the front of this one.

The one below was taken out in front of the Thai Airway offices in Chiang Mai. Interestingly, the spirit home look very similar to these corporate offices.

The one below was taken outside of a tailor shop just minutes away from where we were staying in Chiang Mai. What I like about it is that they probably did not have money to buy it so you can really see that they wanted to please the spirit buy constructing their own.

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