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  • Described as documentary, organic and timeless in form, our photography will be a solid representation of your day.

    At 6 of Four, your wedding or sweet days with your children comprise the integral stories of your lifetime. We focus on capturing them as such.

    Our aim is to document the family relationships and moments that have created the bond you are celebrating. We have both come from strong family lines of tradition and heritage, this has formed a keen awareness in us to capture your day in a way in which we would document our own family.

    We'd love to hear from you. Please contact us about your event.

    Chris and Katie

Orange ’09

We are thrilled to be a part of an amazing conference taking place here our great city of Atlanta, Georgia. Orange 2009, is put together by a rather unique and impactful organization Re Think.  We are honored to be a part of a wonder gathering. Orange is a place where church leaders from around the country come together to dive into what it means to reach the next generation. How does Recapture fit in to all of this? Well, simply put it we are about family. Family stories that are encapsulated in a single photograph tells a lot about that family. When those stories are swept from them by some natural disaster they lose a piece of who they are. We come in to partner with these churches and other organizations to provide hope. To provide self-worth, through our photographs. One other way to provide relief in a time where relief is needed most. If you are a a church partner or with a relief organization and you would like for us to come on board on your next relief or mission trip that is what we are here for. A single photograph can go a long way to bring a family back together in a time of need. 

You can follow all of us and the motions and lessons at the conference via Twitter by either follow us at Finally, you can follow the whole conference and what people are saying by using the #Orange09 tag on Twitter. For more information about Orange Conference visit:


Good Friday Storms

For some of you, Good Friday was a day like any other week day. Alarm shouts for your attention and you roll out of bed with a hairdo that needs reckoning. The gather up your little ones and prep them for school or for the care takers while you journey to work. You went to work to wrap things up in preparation for the weekend. Left work, and picked up the kids from daycare or parents taking care of them for the day. Home, then set the little ones to bed. Then, to finally have some quiet moments with your spouse before bed. Lather, rinse, repeat; as the cycle goes, day in and day out.

Then something disturbing happens. Something that breaks that cycle. Last Friday, the southeast was riddled with storms that brought along with it multiple tornados that destroyed many homes and lives. Tornados were confirmed, touched down in Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and other parts of the southeast. You can read more about the tornados in Tennessee here or tornados in Georgia here. Our heart, sincerely, goes out to each and everyone that was affected by the devastation and loss.

Family Trees

One of the jewels of the trip was found in an unlikely place. I am going to take you back to our friend Thuy’s home in San Leon, Texas. While there Jeff Shinabarger, and I had the pleasure of interviewing Thuy and her experience of Hurricane Ike. One part of the interview that keeps playing over in my mind is what encourages her family to staying in San Leon.

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As you can see these trees that were planted in their front yard years ago are pretty important. When Thuy first said family tree, I thought she was referring to her family lineage. Then she nodded and right away I realized she was referring to the tall, strong trees in her front yard. These trees have endured a lot over the years. They have weathered storm after storm, and basked in the light and warmth of the sun. In a way, they are truly like family. In our lives, even after the storms blow over us, may it be trouble and hardships, and we may have our possession destroyed by disasters, ultimately we are left with family. They carry us through the hard times and laugh with us through the fun.


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