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OK, I know you guys enjoyed seeing us healthy, happy and alive. : ) I just wanted to write a little more about us for a bit. We are having an amazing time. Just being able to see this country and drink it all in. We are just amazed that we were blessed to be born in America and not effected by this tragedy. Yet also feeling so much for the people that were. There is no way to know why they were the ones effected and not us. We cannot dwell on it, but know that we did our part. We have many stories of people to share with you and pages of my journal. For now I wanted to show you how we traveled to the islands. On this long tail boat. It was just gorgeous to lay on the bow and write in our journal or sleep. Chris evidently received the dress code and I loved his shirt against the orange. The color balance in this country makes my eyes happy. We are having a few days to rest and restore our bodies before coming back to the states on Monday….our long trip back.


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Hugh Roberson - March 6, 2008 - 8:29 pm

Hey, we’re friends of Mike and Judy Christian. They put us on to your site. Wow, what pictures!

We live in Orlando, and are also with CCC. We were 20 years with Christians in Asia. We started out in Atlanta, years ago so that’s why we were intrigued by you and your site.

Maybe we can catch some time next time we’re in Atlanta. Do you guys know Melanie and Alex Dale? Ya’ll have got to get together! They live in Peachtree City area. Thanks for the visit

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