Lung Lek

Lung Lek’s story through the eyes of Mike and Judy Christian: “Lung Lek (Uncle Lek) was living on Prah Tong Island before the Tsunami struck on Dec. 26, 2004. He was a fisherman and cashew nut farmer. When the Tsunami wave went through his cashew farm and property, he was able to climb a nearby cashew tree and pull his wife up the tree to safety also. Relief workers built temporary shelter rooms for the Tsunami victims and Lung Lek and his wife lived in one for 18 months. After the wave went completely over his home, there wasn’t much left to the structure but the only life he knew was on the island, so he returned to live in his shack that was barely able to keep standing. During this time, he became a Christian and he began studying the Bible and seeing a new purpose for his life. Mike and several teams came in to build him a new home. He was also eventually given a new boat to replace the one he lost in the Tsunami. He uses the boat for some fishing and to go back and forth from the main land to his island and to transport fellow villagers. During the past three years his life has slowly returned to normalcy, but the memories of the wave will never go away.” Chris and I were able to document him with his new boat. What an honor it was. Lung Lek proudly giving us a ride on his boat. Here he is with his Grandson driving. I love how he is looking out after all of the devestation he has been through, with his grandson to continue his legacy. blog051.jpgblog036.jpgblog038.jpgblog054.jpgHere is Lung Lek with his temporary housing before the new home was built.blog069.jpgblog072.jpgblog077.jpg What a day. We are now heading to Elephant Island to document 31 families. I know this will be an amazing experience as well as emotionally draining. Our internet is very hit and miss and our priority are capturing these families. Please be patient with our updates.

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Maggie - February 27, 2008 - 7:38 am

Absolutely incredible! I love hearing the stories of these people. I am excited for the 31 families you will be blessing over the coming days. Thank you for continuing to update!

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