House of Blessing Orphanage

We wanted to share our time with you from the House of Blessing Orphanage. They have 121 children and about a dozen staff. The vision of this orphanage is different then most. Their goal is to raise these children to be missionaries back to their own country. They want to teach them skills so that they can survive after they are adults. It’s really an amazing outlook on this situation. The older children help take care of the younger ones. They treat it like one big family and all think of the leaders as their mom and dad and each other as siblings. Therefore, none of these children are available for adoption. That would really defeat the whole goal of their mission. With that in mind know that these children do not have much, but they are happy, loved and cared for. Of course they always need more funding. When we arrived, we asked them what they needed pictures of. They told us that they needed pictures of the jewelry that children make to sell on the website. There are many different trades that they teach the children. Such as motorcycle repair, jewelry and sewing. They then sell these items to raise money for the children. I spent time taking pictures of jewelry while Chris documented the children for their website. What sweet images he was able to capture.


Here is an important picture to me. We are staying with our family who has been here for 29 years. I am completely in awe of their devotion to the Thai people. They have been wonderful hosts and translators! Their hearts are just so big. Right away when the Tsunami hit, they were in the south helping to rebuild. Mike has been coordinating groups and helping in rebuilding homes in the south. They have finished over 100 homes. Those families are the ones we’ll be documenting this coming week. I truly feel challenged in my life by seeing their passions and drive.


Here is one of the children. She was so sweet and hung on us as we tried to leave.


I asked why some have short hair. Here it is a way to distinguish which grade you are in. You start out with short hair and the older you get the longer your hair can be.


The children link together rubber bands to play Chinese jump rope.


The girls are playing another game here. We are not sure what it is, but they look just adorable huddled together with the light streaming through their hair.


Here is a sweet portrait Chris was able to capture of this little girl. I just love what her face shows. Such contentment and peace. She is safe, learning and growing. Life is not all what American’s think. It’s not about plenty or want, but sometimes just about safety.


After taking pictures of the jewelry, I turned around to grab this picture of Chris.


I could not have said it better myself.


This is another couple that just amazes me. Aoum and Cat have been married for just four months now. They’ve been working and this orphanage, where Cat’s parents lead the home. They live there and are always with the children. I don’t know many newly weds that could make this devotion to giving to others. What a lesson in being a servant they are.


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Rachel LaCour Niesen - February 25, 2008 - 10:37 pm

Thank you guys for taking the time to update your blog with images and stories from your journey. Hearing about your encounters with people in Thailand reminds us of how very real individual struggles and victories truly are! No doubt you are ambassadors to the people you meet – as they are to you. These kinds of heartfelt connections are what makes life meaningful and memorable.

We miss you both.

dawn & bob davis - February 24, 2008 - 8:59 pm

Hi Katie and Chris,

Thank you so much for the reminder to take a moment away from this craziness called life to stop by this blog and realize what’s truly important in life.

This post touched my heart beyond words. Since we’ve come home from Casa de Copii 6 years ago with our two beautiful children, it makes me realize how much I need to get back there.

These images are beautiful and I hope that they help bring the awareness that they need to help them sell their jewelry. While in Kenya last Thanksgiving, we spent a day a shop called Kazuri (meaning small and beautiful) where battered women and single moms handmade the most incredible beads which they made jewelry from. I bought all the women in my family Christmas presents!!!! They were the best gifts ever!

I’m so excited to hear that their model at this orphanage is to teach these children how to thrive and not just get by. It’s wonderful they are learning a trade which they can take into their adult lives.

God bless you both for taking this journey. I know it will impact your life forever! Travel safe and keep us updated! I’ve subscribed to your rss feeed so no need to remind me anymore!

All our love and God’s blessings…

~ Dawn, Bob, Bobby & Alli
The Davis Family

Gisele - February 24, 2008 - 7:42 pm

These pictures and stories are amazing! I love how you can see the light of hope on their little faces. They know joy how we could never imagine it:)

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