Good Friday Storms

For some of you, Good Friday was a day like any other week day. Alarm shouts for your attention and you roll out of bed with a hairdo that needs reckoning. The gather up your little ones and prep them for school or for the care takers while you journey to work. You went to work to wrap things up in preparation for the weekend. Left work, and picked up the kids from daycare or parents taking care of them for the day. Home, then set the little ones to bed. Then, to finally have some quiet moments with your spouse before bed. Lather, rinse, repeat; as the cycle goes, day in and day out.

Then something disturbing happens. Something that breaks that cycle. Last Friday, the southeast was riddled with storms that brought along with it multiple tornados that destroyed many homes and lives. Tornados were confirmed, touched down in Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and other parts of the southeast. You can read more about the tornados in Tennessee here or tornados in Georgia here. Our heart, sincerely, goes out to each and everyone that was affected by the devastation and loss.

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