Galveston, Texas, and the cause with Twitter!!

Thanks goes to EVERYONE for your overwhelming support! We cannot wait to embark on the The Original Event this weekend, March 14. We will be gone for seven days to help better a community. Our way of helping them cope is through the power of photographs. We will also be documenting the devastation that is still visible. These photographs from the devastation will be given to the local community for them to take to the state and federal levels so they can keep the issue of the work at hand in the public eye. Ever since the presidential election, all eyes, and support have move from the hurricane torn areas of Galveston and New Orleans to the fully covered election. If you would like to still find a way to support us please check out the Support Us tab above. Your support is more than appreciated!

For more on how photographs are valued and treasured, especially when torn from natural disasters see our previous post.

Katie and I are proud to have Nate and Amanda Reynolds from Turtle Pond Photography to document these families. We are happy to share our vision and goals with this beautiful photography team.


You can follow all of us on Twitter! Simply follow the group on Twitter #originalevent. Or you can follow our Recapture group:

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