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Home Safe and Sound

Wow, the last 30+ hours were quite the whirlwind. We left Bangkok at 1:40am on Korean Air ( a WONDERFUL airline by the way) and arrived in Seoul around 8:45 am which includes a two hour time change. We were there and even though feeling horrible, still forced ourselves to get out in the city...

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In awe

I can tell you that we are just in awe of our surroundings. We have just moments at an internet cafe as we leave for two islands today, but I wanted to leave you with a few images from yesterday. The black and white are Katie’s and the color are Chris’….just like our personalities. Enjoy...

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In the news

We thought we would let know what is in the news and the fact that we are aware of it. There was an earth quake that happened at 2:30 pm our time (2:30 am EST). There was issued a Tsunami Warning, but they are saying it has been lifted. The quake was a 7.3 magnitude....

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S o c i a l
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