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Open Water

  OK, I know you guys enjoyed seeing us healthy, happy and alive. : ) I just wanted to write a little more about us for a bit. We are having an amazing time. Just being able to see this country and drink it all in. We are just amazed that we were blessed to...

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Chris and I

I thought you guys might want to actually see a picture of Chris and I. We’ve been posting pictures of the families, but not of us in the area. So, here are a few for you. The first two are from Judy. She was taking some pictures of us taking pictures. The first island family portraits. The...

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Lung Lek

Lung Lek’s story through the eyes of Mike and Judy Christian: “Lung Lek (Uncle Lek) was living on Prah Tong Island before the Tsunami struck on Dec. 26, 2004. He was a fisherman and cashew nut farmer. When the Tsunami wave went through his cashew farm and property, he was able to climb a nearby...

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S o c i a l
C o n t a c t