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New from Thailand

Where ever Recapture goes, whether here in the states or internationally, we want to go into an area that already an organization there with relationships in place. We feel that is vital to understanding the situation that we are going into as well as the people and culture that we are to touch. As you guys might...

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Image of the Day .3

One of our favorite parts of Thailand were the elephants. They were everywhere. We were able to see one taking a bath in the ocean early one morning. His care taker had lead him into the ocean and they swam and washed up. It was such a joy to see. Here is the “little” guy...

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Journal writings

I wanted to give you an excerpt from my journal that I was writing in the picture from the last post. As I said before, I am not the best at journaling. I had to make a conscious effort to put down my thoughts and observations from this trip. I am so glad I did...

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