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Galveston, Texas, and the cause with Twitter!!

Thanks goes to EVERYONE for your overwhelming support! We cannot wait to embark on the The Original Event this weekend, March 14. We will be gone for seven days to help better a community. Our way of helping them cope is through the power of photographs. We will also be documenting the devastation that is...

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A Cry For Help

As you know our non-profit, Recapture, is near and dear to our hearts….so are people who have suffered loss and tragedy. Hurricane Ike and Gustav victims have been greatly overlooked by media. We are teaming up with The Original Event event in March to go to Galveston along side of them. They will rebuilding homes...

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Recapture’s brief show

I am excited that Recapture is to be featured in Atlanta, Georgia, Saturday the 28th at a local fine art printer. Digital Art Studio has picked out 18 total artist to be featured in their gallery space and we are honored to be one of them. Each week they are featuring 3-4 artist, ranging from...

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