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Thailand Slideshow

As we are nearing the end of the year, I thought I would share this slideshow. It has highlights of some of the images from our trip to Thailand. Some the images you will recognize others are new. Also, the music featured is traditional Thai music. I might just drop a few more pictures from...

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House of Blessing Orphanage

We wanted to share our time with you from the House of Blessing Orphanage. They have 121 children and about a dozen staff. The vision of this orphanage is different then most. Their goal is to raise these children to be missionaries back to their own country. They want to teach them skills so that...

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Baby Bai Tuay

I have been working this afternoon on images from the orphanage. I will update you more later tonight on those images. Right now, I just wanted to leave you with this image of baby Bai Tuay. She had just arrived to the orphanage the day before and is such a sweet heart. She has a...

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