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Thailand Slideshow

As we are nearing the end of the year, I thought I would share this slideshow. It has highlights of some of the images from our trip to Thailand. Some the images you will recognize others are new. Also, the music featured is traditional Thai music. I might just drop a few more pictures from...

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Long Tail Boats

While we were going from mainland Thailand to the two islands we used 3 different boats. We would take these boats from a little river that flowed for sometime before reaching the open sea. The ride was quite pleasant going out to the islands. With the curves of the river, we would follow, and see...

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Image of the Day .4

Here is another image from Elephant Island. It’s Chris and once again, he’s impressing me so much with his images from our trip. The mothers were extremely shy and almost seemed to feel unworthy to look at us in the eyes. It was sad for us to see. I admire Chris’ perception of this and...

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