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Day Four – San Leon

Now we made a trip to the west side of Galveston Bay. This trip lead us to a small fishing community called San Leon. The bulk of the people there fish for a living. Living on a bay their primary catch are shrimp, crab or mussels. Their livelihood is based on the boats that they...

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Day Three – Oak Island

When we were told about this island that lost most of their homes we knew we had to go there. Oak Island is one of the communities on the east side of Trinity Bay, just northeast of Galveston. We were told of the 500 residents that lived there before the storm only 250 remain there...

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Day Two – Mercy

Yesterday we had the honor of beginning to photography a family with thirteen children. Nine of them have been adopted and have special needs. Their home was destroyed in the hurricane and they all now live in two FEMA trailers in their front yard. They have quite an amazing story of having love and mercy...

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