What We Are About

Recapture is a nonprofit organization that focuses on documenting lost history. Read about our Vision and Mission Statements by clicking here. Seeing a world torn by disaster and loss, this non-profit will seek those less privileged and document their lives through portraits of families. The natural disasters; house fires, tornados, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and even tsunamis present themselves devestating. While some of these catastrophes are predicted but they are not always avoided. In the US, from 2000 to the current year, in the United States alone, there have been more than 7.3 million people affected by these natural disasters. In 2007, alone, there were 666,470 people affected by natural disasters. Then there are those less fortunate, underprivileged, who feel unvalued and without worth.

The images taken of these families, will then be edited, toned, printed and delivered back into their hands. Recapture has plans to travel nationally and internationally, visiting areas of disaster and loss. Some have never held a photograph of themselves, their children or their parents. Through Recapture, legacy will have a chance to be documented. Pride in seeing oneself in a photograph for the first time will encourage healing and reinforce family heritage. People unknown will hold a treasure to keep forever: an image of their life.

Recapture is a dream coming into fruition. Chris and Katie are combining their talents and passions to give people of impoverished, disaster stricken areas a capturing of life, family, traditions and culture through the lens of their camera.

Our Board of Directors consist of:

Chris Torres

Katie Torres

Andrew Niesen

Rachel LaCour Niesen

Garret Nudd

Joy Nudd

Ben Vigil

We are honored to have such a well rounded and strong Board of Directors helping drive the course.

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