A day at the temple

One of the days in Chiang Mai we went just outside the city and drove up toward a Buddist temple that was built in the mountains. Buddhism is the primary religion in Thailand, at 95% of the population of 65+ million people. Thats a lot of people! We walked around this rather large temple, then again most of their temples are rather large in the area that it occupy. 

We took the time to observe and ask questions. We noticed the buildings did not lack any detail as every part of them were ornate. With a mixture of reds, golds, and green; these buildings had many designs hard to ignore.

Here is a prominent symbol of the Wheel of Karma, or Dharma wheel. This is a symbol that was actually painted on the ceiling in one of the outside hallways.

All around the temple were the rows of rather large bells. All set up on gold pillars, balanced on a single rod there were usually 3 to 4 in between each pillar. While there, people would walk along, from one end to another, and ring each bell. I believe, please correct me if I am wrong, they believe this will bring them good fortune.

We saw this girl as we were leaving. She and a group of young girls were dancing a traditional dance in Thailand

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Wes O'Callaghan - May 22, 2008 - 12:42 pm

I remember going to this temple. I remember the bells but I’m not sure of the specific reason for ringing them. Love the photos.

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