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When Recapture Matters

We recently received an email from a friend telling us about a story they ran across in the Tulsa World News. He mentioned: “I thought you’d like to see this story. It’s about the tornado this week in Oklahoma. The thesis of Recapture is affirmed by one of the people whose home was destroyed.” The...

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Remnants of a Family’s Dwelling

A family in North Georgia had their home destroyed by fire. We were honored to be there on Wednesday to capture the remains. The grief that this family is experiencing is beyond words. We are using our gifts, as photographers, to eventually give them something to cope in the future. We are hoping to spread...

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Recapture’s purpose

Yesterday we were walking through a home that has been demolished due to fire and rain. It was incredibly sad to see and we’ll hopefully take the family’s portraits in the future. Right now we were just trying to communicate the need that they are experiencing right now. Here is an image that really just...

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