Monthly Archives: February 2008

Baby Bai Tuay

I have been working this afternoon on images from the orphanage. I will update you more later tonight on those images. Right now, I just wanted to leave you with this image of baby Bai Tuay. She had just arrived to the orphanage the day before and is such a sweet heart. She has a...

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Umbrella Maker

We are currently heading out the door to an orphanage, but I wanted to leave you with this image to wake up to on your side of the world. It’s one of Chris’ from the other day. What a great image. Good Morning to you all and we’ll continue to keep you up to date....

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Value In Every Person

Yesterday we visited different craftsmen. It was amazing to see their tedious work and how diligent they were at their craft. We told them we wanted to take their picture and we would bring it to them. They would either smile and then tell their friends excitedly or tell us no that they were not...

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S o c i a l
C o n t a c t