Monthly Archives: February 2008

In the South

I don’t have any pictures for you right now, but I wanted to give you an update. We are in the south now and have been viewing the areas hit by the Tsunami. It’s been so powerful. We watched video footage of it actually hitting last night and are now in the areas we saw...

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In the news

We thought we would let know what is in the news and the fact that we are aware of it. There was an earth quake that happened at 2:30 pm our time (2:30 am EST). There was issued a Tsunami Warning, but they are saying it has been lifted. The quake was a 7.3 magnitude....

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House of Blessing Orphanage

We wanted to share our time with you from the House of Blessing Orphanage. They have 121 children and about a dozen staff. The vision of this orphanage is different then most. Their goal is to raise these children to be missionaries back to their own country. They want to teach them skills so that...

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