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  • Described as documentary, organic and timeless in form, our photography will be a solid representation of your day.

    At 6 of Four, your wedding or sweet days with your children comprise the integral stories of your lifetime. We focus on capturing them as such.

    Our aim is to document the family relationships and moments that have created the bond you are celebrating. We have both come from strong family lines of tradition and heritage, this has formed a keen awareness in us to capture your day in a way in which we would document our own family.

    We'd love to hear from you. Please contact us about your event.

    Chris and Katie

Family Session

Photographers can be the last ones to have their own family documented. It’s hard to find the right fit of whose style you love and one that you can trust. Not to mention one that won’t be intimidated to photograph you. It’s scary to photograph another photographer for a lot of reasons, but it’s definitely intimidating to document another very talented person. It’s a hard balance.

I was extremely honored when Jenny from Jenny Lauren Photography wanted me to document her sweet family. She has a six month old sweetie pie. This family was up for anything. It was such a joy to capture them. I’m just in love with this session. You’ll see gorgeous blue eyes on their sweet girl. They were not enhanced. Her eyes are just that glittery blue. Lucky little girl!

Since we don’t have weddings to be posting in the off season I thought I might show you an entire session for a portrait session. This is what you would have to look forward to with your own family.

Give the gift of Fine Art


This holiday season, like many before it there are people rushing to the stores and malls trying to decide what to get their loved ones. Try something different this year and give the gift of fine art prints. These celebrated art pieces are from the Thailand collection captured while documenting the families on the islands and on the mainland that experienced what it was like to loose everything in the wake of the tsunami. The best part is that 100% of all proceeds of the sale goes right back to Recapture to continue the overwhelming work of capturing those in need in order to provide and encourage self-worth and value to those families.

There are many different sizes to choose from and many of the prints, from 5×7, 8×10 & 11×14, come custom matted to the next frame size up at no additional cost. Each one also comes with a brief story of the photograph on the back. To order your fine art print for your self or as a gift, simply go to the ‘Support Us’ tab at the top or you can go directly to the Recapture Store here.


Chris - February 20, 2011 - 3:24 pm

Wonderful idea!

Katie - February 20, 2011 - 3:18 pm

love these.

Atlanta Flooding

As most of your know, Atlanta is the city Recapture is based in. Unfortunately, it’s seen rain as it has never seen it before. Some experts are calling it the 100 year flood for Atlanta.

When Monday rolled around, it has already been raining in Atlanta, and the surrounding areas, for a few days. On and off those days, but the ground in the area, by Monday, has seen quite a few days of showers. It rained, on Monday, all day.

AUSTELL, GA: Flood water engulfed this Austell neighborhood near Powder Springs Road  PHIL SKINNER,

AUSTELL, GA: Flood water engulfed this Austell neighborhood near Powder Springs Road PHIL SKINNER,

By the time Tuesday rolled around there were several dead, homes underwater, and roads and bridges washed away. Interstate 20, the major east-west interstate through the city, was covered by Sweetwater Creek washing over it all day. Six Flags was underwater and some of the rides and coasters are still underwater, even today.

Now, Recapture is asking ‘how can we help’? This tragedy is in our backyard and we want to give a hand. As our Mission Statement reads: “To document the lost history of those affected by natural disasters by capturing their lives in portraits. That will instill family legacy and story, which will encourage self-worth and value.” What this means we need families that have experienced their photographs washed away by the floods. Once they settle to their homes, may be months before this happens, Recapture will come in to capture this family and provide for them a portrait session. In this portrait session they will receive a fresh start with these pictures. To hopefully rebuild their family story, one photo at a time.

We want to help.

Also, in the midst of flood recovery, we would like to use our gift and our craft in photography to document the relief work of organization and communities and churches. We hope that this will serve to help them out to tell their story to others of what their workers, organization, and helpers experienced. Not to mention the impact that they will have on their communities.

If you think we could help you out please let us know. Contact us at

Flood waters cover a suburb of Atlanta. PHIL SKINNER, PSKINNER@AJC.COM

Flood waters cover a suburb of Atlanta. PHIL SKINNER, PSKINNER@AJC.COM

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